Are you in search of a reliable tool for WooCommerce to WooCommerce migration?

Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration is simple and the most secure plan to shift your eCommerce data, categories, products, customers, orders, and everything else to the WooCommerce in just several steps. Just follow a 4-step WooCommerce to WooCommerce transfer naturally. We offer a Free Demo and guarantee you the superb information migration without additional knowledge. For the full WooCommerce to WooCommerce migration process, your present WooCommerce shop will be working. Start your FREE Demo transfer to check and try this service. We provide you with 24/7 live support & engineering assistance to help with each step for any transferring question.

If you are ready to start your website migration, have a look at 4 easy steps

  • 1. Just get your current cart connected

  • 2. Get your desired Cart Connected

  • 3. Pick and Choose Entities You want to see in Your New Store

  • 4. Click start, sit and relax. Migration has started

If you still have any doubts, try to perform the Demo Migration to ensure that the process Easy and Smooth!

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What data can be migrated from WooCommerce to WooCommerce


  • Cost .

  • Name , SKU , Short Description , Full Description , Status , Custom Fields (Name, Value) , Manufacturer , Tax Class , Sort Order , Sort Order in Category .

  • Price , Special Price , Special Price From-To Date , Sale Price From-To Date .

  • URL , Meta Title , Meta Keywords , Meta Description .

  • Product Image , Additional Images .

  • Quantity , Manage Stock , Stock Status , Backorder .

  • Weight , Width , Height , Depth .

  • Product Tags , Up-sells , Cross-sells .

  • Options (Name, Price) , Product Attributes (Name, Values) .

  • Product Variants (SKU, Length, Weight, Width, Attributes, Height, Quantity, Price, Special Price, Additional image) .

  • Downloadable Products (Files, Max Downloads, Number of allowed downloads, Expiration Date) , Grouped Products (Associated Products) , Virtual Products .

Product Categories

  • Name , Description , Status , Sort Order .

  • URL , Meta Title , Meta Description , Meta Keywords .

  • Category Images .


  • Name , Description , Manufacturer Images .


  • Tax Class (Name, Tax Name, Rate, City, Country, State) , Tax Rates .


  • First Name , Last Name , Email , Customer Group , Passwords .

  • Customer Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone) .

  • Customer Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone) .


  • Payment method name , Shipping method name .

  • ID , Order Date , Order Status , Custom Order Status , Order Products (Name, SKU, Option, Image) , Product Price , Quantity , SubTotal Price , Discount Price , Tax Price , Shipping Price , Total Price , Order Comments , Order Status History .

  • Customer Name , Email , Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone) .

  • Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone) .


  • Name , Description , Status , Coupon Code , Coupon Date , Uses Per Coupon , Uses Per Customer , Type Discount , Discount Amount , Total available , Minimum Spent , Product , Category , Coupon Expire Date .


  • Created Date , Status , Rate , User Name , Description , Comment , Product .


  • Title , Full Description , SEO URLs , Parent ID .

  • Meta Description , Meta Keywords , Meta Title .

  • Images .

Blog Posts

  • Title , Full Description , Short Description , Tags , Created Time , SEO URL , Blog IDs , Comments .

  • Images .

Multiple Languages

  • Yes .

Additional Options

Clear current data on Target Store before Migration (FREE)

Preserve order IDs on Target Store (+$49) Recommended

Create 301 redirects on your target store after migration (+$59) Recommended

Migrate customers` passwords (FREE) Recommended

Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+$59)

Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions (+$49)

Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store (+$29)

Enhanced demo data transfer service

Advanced Application Software Migration System With customer in mind, App is created. We want to save your time, that resources and guarantee the highest standard of service. Therefore, we provide a range of ‘all-inclusive’ specialized demo support services. Our team will migrate your data, provide you with the appropriate personalization and help for every phase of the migration.

Migration up to 1000 units 5 hours of technical support
Migration up to 20,000 units 10 hours of technical support
Migration up to 60,000 units 25 hours of technical support
Migration up to 60,000 units 5 hours of technical support


Check what entities you want to transfer. The package and its price depends on data you want to move from the source to target store. Such information includes products, clients, orders, etc.
We do the next step after your purchase. Our team checks all the necessary information, your order, and then we send you a confirmation email. Then our team runs a demo version to check its results. Then we set up the full transition process. In the end we confirm that all data is transferred correctly to your target store. WARNING: the Data Migration Package includes only one migration!
The exact number of days depends on each case. But for most cases it takes 5 business days to perform a demo migration and 14 business days to perform a full migration. The first step starts right after our team receives your request.
Yes, it is possible. We’ll just add up the price of each entity transaction to the total cost of the Migration Package. The migration cost includes the assistance price and the price of every entity you need to migrate. Contact our support team to find out more.
Most API shopping carts can give you an opportunity to create a trial store. This is how you check whether the particular store options are suitable for you. However, when the trial period ends your store will be unavailable. We don’t recommend starting a Migration Package while testing the store. Running a demo migration takes 5 business days. After which we run full migration for 14 business days. During this time the trial version of the store can simply expire and the migration will be unsuccessful.


The team provides the easiest data migration way.

The team provides the easiest data migration way. I figured out everything quite fast but still had several questions. After a brief phone call, the app team helped me through the process and everything went smoothly. Thanks!


KW Webdesign
Paul Rogers

The team is always there to help you

I’ve been through several migrations using this service and I can tell nothing but best. The whole process and service are on point. The team is always there to help you. I like the fact that there are several options to migrate from one platform to another. There is no better service than this for sure.


Web Developer

This app performs greatly

This app performs greatly. The service is very reliable and the support is superb. The service is quite costly for me but in the end, it’s worth its money. There is also an automated shopping cart migration and I’m very happy about that! I’m really satisfied.

William Miller